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History of Natural Cures

ESSIAC TEA has a history back to 1920 when it was discovered, or learned about from the Ojibwa Indian Medicine Man, it has a proven record of healing cancer because it contains a certain combination of minerals that revive our natural immune system. (Learn about it) But it is important to know that it only works when you have a guided focus of diet, exercise and attitude. You must believe, or you may not receive.

The Cure to Cancer is in Your Kitchen, because it is in our food where we must look for the future and history of our health. If we do not get a proper diet and we are failing we can look to Herbs that have concentrates of the needed minerals that we lack. The water, fats, oxygen, and protein only deliver and process our real food, “MINERALS”!

When my kids were growing up I made up these little “Daw Laws” for important rules like “don’t talk to strangers” etc. If I sum up everything I want to tell you into a Daw Law, it would be;

“In His masterpiece, the Lord installed the natural resistance to cancer, we must maintain it”.

This is not a gimmick or con. I know you have heard of tumors and cancers that just disappear. I know its true, because it happened to me. At first I was diagnosed with lymphoma, which of course meant throughout my body, then I had surgery on a large sarcoma that was removed from my back, but with another tumor on my kidney, I was given little hope.

The “Medicine Man”, Cancer Free!

With the help of my family and the Lord, I intensified my twenty-year search for the cure. When my father was taken with the dreaded disease in 1979, we tried frantically to save his life with the finest technology and advice the medical profession had to offer. But it didn't work. It was not to be. After chemotherapy and radiation, operations and laetrile, and months of agony and the humiliation that accompany these treatments, my father died a truly sad and painful death. If only someone had offered us this information then.........

In 1995 for me it was suddenly now or never. Then we had a breakthrough. A breakthrough into another world of alternative healing. I'm not talking about anything weird or supernatural. I'm talking about the most real thing I know of for great health. It is simple. Modern medicine seems to be searching into the great beyond for a cure, but let us remember from birth, our bodies have developed solely from the food we have eaten and the nutrients that it contains, PERIOD.

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